For The Beloved Bones

by Akûma

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"For the Beloved Bones" fue grabado, editado y mezclado entre el 27 y 30 de Julio de 2013 en Testa Studio, León, Guanajuato, México; y masterizado en New Alliance East Boston, Massachusetts para Magnetic Eye Records.

Todos los putos derechos reservados.

"For The Beloved Bones" was recorded, edited and mixed between July 27th and 30th at Testa Studio, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico; and mastered at New Alliance East, Boston, Massachusetts for Magnetic Eye Records.

All fuckin rights reserved.


released September 13, 2013

Akûma es:
xFabriziox: Batería, Voz.
xRigox: Bajo, Voz.
xValx: Guitarra, Voz, Acustica.
xwontx: Guitarra, Voz, Acustica, eBow, Teclados.

Ingenierio de grabación: KB Testa.
Asistente de grabación: Ryan Tezcatlipoca.



all rights reserved


Akûma Morelia, Mexico

We came from the depths.

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Track Name: According to the Currents.
I came from the depths.
Sleeping in the waters,
Awaiting for my rising.
I destructor, I creator
Hear my voices calling from the center of the earth,
Take a sight into my boiling bowels.
Have you ever heed the announcement of the currents?
They call of havoc and loss!
They bode of me!
Track Name: Doom & Power.
From the deepest slumber, further from time
Scrambled by blood and the hustle
Disrupted, turned into a trance.

I were there before the skies.
I was, before the light
And i am all, from intimate heaviness to the high

Mine is the hand that drills the void
I've created blood, so shall I break bones
Life in the hollowness is I

Fulminate with thunders and ruse!

Rising proudly to the horizon
Cloaking all light/Devouring suns
The path draws near bleakness
On the 29th day I’ll pit the sun!
Track Name: Exiled Sons of Eve.
Bow to the book
Reverence the ill
Crooked verses of the ancient

The wise as farse
The blind shall lead,
Disposable beings.
From the gallows hang the unobedient.

Bow to the book
Reverence the ill
Crooked verses of the ancient

Before Thy Eyes we don't exist

We don't Exist

The forgotten
The denied
Creation from your own entrials.
The biggest lie.

"We are the kings of dirt,
We are the exiled sons of Eve."
Track Name: Olas de Sangre.
Tidal waves, come from overseas
Atlantic rage is pounding
Silver scud, grief.

Inmortal currents, roaming
Heavily, crooked reefs
Grinding hope doom for all.

We are smaller, as we enter
High seas between the storm
And waves, thunder only lights
The way.

The land is rotten, rather not return!
The land is rotten, rather not return!
Track Name: Koyaanisqatsi.
Surt del sur,
Blandiendo fuego
Con fulgor en la espada
Del dios de los muertos.
Las montañas chocan
Los monstruos se derrocan,
El hombre camina por el sendero de la ruina.
Y el cielo se raja.